Home Business Tips – Is Making Money Online More Challenging Than the Real World?

Times without number I have over heard people comparing making money online and the brick and mortar world. Some people think it is easier to earn income online than in the real world while others say the reverse is the case. I am going to try my best in this home business tips to explain in four ways what it takes to profit from the internet and the offline. Keep reading this home business tips for more information.Capital – With as little as $100, you can get a profitable business up and running in no time while the reverse is the case when it comes to setting up a business in the brick and mortar world. You need to rent space, hire employee and certainly, you are going to have some operating cost. On the internet, you can begin by acquiring a domain for $15 and hosting for $9.95.Skills – Both worlds require some level of expertise to succeed. It is rare to see people start a business without any forms of skills excel in both fields.Work – The four letter word “WORK” is still very much active where ever you go. Unfortunately, a lot of people assume that they do not have to do much work when it comes to making money online but that isn’t true. As a matter of fact, you might find yourself (depending on your niche) doing more work than you did in your previous day job. However, as you build your business you can automate thing and hire people. In the offline world, you can hire people to take care of virtually every segment of your business.Money – There is more money in the offline world than the internet. On the other side, a lot of internet millionaires have emerge online. There goes to say, your earnings depend on your area of specialization.As you can see, it is hard for anyone to decide if making money online is more challenging than the real world. Many people have made it online and offline as well as many folks of have failed offline and online.The ball is in your court, I hope you enjoy this home business tips.To Your Success,
John Benjamin

New Social Media Marketing Predictions for 2012

2011 is gone, and 2012 has rolled in without missing a beat. The social media industry is growing in leaps and bounds. I often hear business people say social networking is like the Wild Wild West! So answer this question for me. Would it be valuable if you knew the future social media trends for 2012? How wonderful would it be to know what trends are in store for the coming year? Could you adequately prepare for this rapidly changing industry? In this article, I provide my 2012 predictions for the evolving trends in the social-networking industry. It’s always gratifying when my predictions come true. My predictions are not based on any kind of special powers. They are based on my industry research, what I read and what I see happening every day in my work. My accuracy rate in the social media industry has been about 97 percent. However, even when I’m wrong it’s only because my timeline ended up being longer than I thought it was going to be. I have a knack for spotting social media trends. And this article lists four powerful trends unfolding right now. You can profit from what I say or ignore me, the choice is yours. Either way these trends will unfold as the year progresses. So read on and heed my advice. Prepare your social media marketing campaigns to take advantage these trends for 2012 and beyond.Prediction #1) Social Media Networks and Marketing will continue to grow at an alarming rate. Last year Facebook grew from around 600 million to 800 million users depending on whose numbers you believe. Twitter and LinkedIn also both showed growth and added many new features, (not to mention that they both acquired several new partners and internet assets). Add to this, Google started Google+, and Microsoft is said to be in the works of building their own social network. The adoption rate of small business will lead the way, but expenditures by large corporations will exceed that of both small and medium-size businesses. My first advice to you is; create and implement “an employee social media use policy” to control business hour usage. Second, create a social media marketing plan to reach and engage this enormous market. Combining both engagement and pay per click campaigns work best.Prediction #2) One of the largest players in the social media arena will make a “miss step” in 2012.I believe that one of the top four Social Media Network companies will make a costly mistake causing them to lose significant market share. Right now several of the larger social media giants like Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn all share one crucial flaw. They try to make it almost impossible to communicate with them. Take Facebook, for instance. They do not list any contact information other than a Facebook page. Sure they have lots of help pages. Yes, Facebook has a blog, lots of YouTube videos, but provides no phone number where you can call and talk to a human being? They do have a Facebook page you can enter suggestions on, but that’s it. What happens when you get a strange message from Facebook, or you’re having trouble with your account? You post a message and never get a reply! Twitter and LinkedIn are not much better. They don’t list a contact phone number or address either. However, I have found that they do reply to your email and posted messages, although it sometimes takes as long as seven days to get a reply.In my opinion, of the top three social media companies, LinkedIn provides the best service. Google is new in this game. It’s not as easy to lump them in with the rest of the social media giants yet. However, I can tell you that Google has a notoriously poor customer service reputation. It’s been my experience with Google that the quality of service you receive depends on the person you get on the phone. The good news is that you can get someone on the phone! Google does list contact numbers. My advice to any business is easy, be ready to make changes to your social media campaign if need be. Furthermore, if you’re using any of the top four social media services, make a backup of your data. This is in case you decide to make “the switch” and ditch one of these players.Prediction #3) Google+ will become one of the top 3, in the social network arena by the end of 2012. I know I’m going out on a limb here, but I believe this is inevitable. Google’s share size and current customer base will allow Google+ to grow at a much faster pace than other social media sites. The exact number of Gmail users is not public, but we do know that it is huge! I have read estimates ranging from about 190 million to 250 million accounts. Furthermore, Google owns so many internet properties, that they can easily integrate the use of these properties into their social network. This adds value to their social network. Add to this, the fact that Google owns Google Search, Google AdWords, YouTube, Blogger and Picasa. Are you starting to get the picture? Google is gigantic. Google controls the lion’s share of internet traffic and advertising dollars.Google has also been able to produce a social-networking product that is easy to use, search engine friendly and innovative. These qualities’ have made them the internet leader they are today. I am not sure that they can keep this frantic pace forever, but for 2012, it’s a done deal. My advice to you is to review where you are spending your advertising money and see if it makes sense using any of the Google properties. If you’re an individual, and have been waiting on the sideline with Google+, stop what you’re doing and take the 10 minutes to set up a Gmail and Google+ account. If you already have a Gmail account, this will only take you about 5 minutes. The bonus here is you can also set up a Google+ Brand page without a lot of fuss.Prediction #4) More businesses will start using blogging and article marketing to build trust.You may be asking the question; what does blogging and article writing have to do with social networks? The answer is straightforward. Both blogging and article writing create a following, and they both encourage fan interaction. These followers will leave comments on the blog/article sites and interact directly with the authors. Now that I have established that blogging and article marketing is social in nature, let’s discuss building trust.There are many ways to build trust with people. Here are just a few ways that a business can build trust; receiving word of mouth and written testimonials, consistently providing a good product or service, providing written guarantees and making it easy for your customers to communicate with you.Today, writing articles is creating a new powerhouse for trust building. Any business that receives expert status from writing about their industry niche will garner instant credibility. According to the website “numberof.net,” the number of bloggers in 2007 was around 23 million. The same source predicted that, by 2012, U.S. bloggers would reach 35 million. Guess what, this year’s articles in Technorati and Blogpulse both listed worldwide blogs to be around 164 million by the end of 2011, almost five times the original predictions given in 2007. I guess the adoption rate for blogging has far exceeded what was once looked upon as a strange new type of website forum.We live in a society where the published word has high value. This is truer today than ever. Savvy businesses are taking to blogging and article marketing as an exciting new way to distinguish them from their competitors. What, you say you can’t write? Ghost writers are a cost-effective alternative. They are readily available and well worth looking into. My advice to you is straightforward, create and use a blog for marketing. Your blog articles can also be used in article marketing by submitting them to article databases. They can also be integrated into your website. Your blog post can easily become part of your website “current content strategy.” If done well, blogging will build your reputation as the go to expert in your particular business field. As an extra bonus, you will be able to engage prospects and clients in a way that builds trust, a commodity that is vastly absent in today’s business climate.In this article, I have discussed four powerful trends emerging in the social media industry. In the past, I have kept my prediction secret, and used them as part of my own marketing strategy. This year I decided to make my predictions public. My accuracy over the last five years has always been exceptionally high. I have sometimes missed the mark on the timeline, but I have rarely been wrong at predicting what will eventually take place. These four social media predictions should make sense to you. My predictions are based on my reasoning, research and experience, not some mystical power. My work leads me to believe that these trends will continue to grow at unprecedented rates. I have always had an uncanny ability to spot trends before, but anyone willing to look can spot these trends if they take the time to look. By heeding my predictions and adjusting your social media strategies, you will engage and garner more customers this year. Take the time to develop and put in place all the necessary elements needed to implement your social media strategy. By doing this, you will profit from social media like you never have before.That’s my opinion; I look forward to hearing yours.

7 Most Over Looked Important Facts by Newby Internet Marketers

Successful Internet Marketing is all about eliciting an emotional response from a potential customer and providing valuable information consistent with that customer’s needs. Success on the Internet is all about offering quality, and how do you offer quality? By learning from someone who has a proven success record for providing quality tactics to Internet Marketing. This is one of the best ways to gather highly targeted information that you can use right away to duplicate your trainer’s results.With Internet marketing Gurus constantly telling potential marketers that they can make money online with minimum effort is the reason why most people believe this is misinformation. After encountering countless “get-rich-quick” schemes the Newby marketer learns that success online takes dedication and specialized knowledge, many of them quickly become disenchanted with internet marketing. Success is something you can achieve, however you cannot achieve success overnight, you will have to learn.Basically, there are many techniques, tricks, and systems in online marketing. It is very essential to get basic education on how internet marketing operates and all the rudiments before starting your internet business. Basic web programming such as HTML or CSS is not needed nor is any good writing skills for writing Web copy and blogging, although they are important elements in Internet Marketing, they should not be a deterrent for the Beginning marketer.7 Over Looked Facts#1. Learn how to market and drive traffic to your website/landing page/blog before paying to join any Internet Business opportunity.It doesn’t matter what business you join and what products and services you offer, if you don’t know to drive traffic, no one will see your business. Instead, join an Internet Marketing training club and learn traffic driving methods.#2. Because of YouTube new marketers are somewhat aware of the power of video marketing but have no idea how to powerfully craft and deliver a message and keep potential customers wanting more, thus clicking on to your website.Individuals merely employ one of the senses when reading text ad copy yet with a video, they use more senses, thus driving your message deeper in their subconscious.
Following good internet marketing tips will spell success for your business because you took the time to learn earlier on how to inform them about any special offers, products and services or any freebies with clarity and subtle persuasion.#3. PPC (Pay Per Click) is a very advanced strategy yet many New marketers use Google AdWords as a starting point.Google AdWords can be mastered and be extremely profitable under the right teachings and training. Learning early on that SEO link building also helps you promote your web site in a more direct way. Through backlinks, your target customers will be able to find you in Google search engines.#4. Learning how to build relationship and trust with potential customers.Offering some useful information in the form of an email newsletter is a great long term internet marketing strategy. As you build up mailing list of opt in customers you have a target audience to send out promotions on your services and products. Offering a link to an article, that is based on your recommendation, is preferred. In this case you do not risk losing peoples trust.#5. Learning how to powerfully craft the Opt-In offer.Offers to Free E-books are usually twisted to promote affiliates programs or to promote the authors product. Some e-books offers acceptable advice but most opt-In offer attempts does have the new site visitor best interest at heart.#6. Learning to Capitalize of the exploding trend of Social Networking.Social networking really means ANY form of social interaction. For example, when you go to the local bar with friends that’s social networking. Social media sites have become extremely popular and are free to set up. Great for social media and SEO, groups and fan pages give businesses an opportunity to strengthen customer interest. Because of Facebook’s social nature, they also give businesses the human element that websites lack.#7. Learning the power of Video Blogging.Learning blogging is all about getting your Internet marketing message out to the world by delivering FREE valuable content. But if you are incorporating video post instead of text post your are bound to be much more effective. Video Blogging is the act or practice of calling public attention to one’s product, service, need, etc. And when strategically blended with Internet marketing, it is everything a person needs to acquire new customers and maintain a relationship with them.