For Internet Marketing The Future Is Now!

INTERNET MARKETING IS EXPLODING IN GROWTH AND IMPORTANCEInternet Marketing is the fastest growing form of marketing today. Recent headlines scream “Internet ends automatic delivery of white pages”. “Canada-wide delivery of the White Pages – the residential phone listings Canadians have depended on for more than 130 years _ has been halted in larger urban centres, now provided only upon request.” The article goes on to quote that only “one in every two Canadians is continuing to use them (Yellow Pages) to find a business.”Proof positive that the “old ways” of locating friends, customers and businesses is fast becoming obsolete. Clearly the Internet is taking over as the premier method of not only staying in touch with present friends and customers but of attracting new ones as well.SO WHAT IS INTERNET MARKETING?People have wants and needs. In the past, they used phone books, newspapers, etc., to search for solutions to fulfilling their needs. Now the majority of searchers use the Internet instead. Why? The Internet provides not one but multiple answers very quickly. By so doing, it opens the door for marketing on the Internet or Internet Marketing.Internet marketing starts with online searches. If no one searches there is no desire or need to fill. It is only when someone enters a query, a question about a product or service, that an opportunity is created. Then it becomes the first step in identifying and qualifying a potential new customer.By offering prompt and courteous service, the marketer will try to influence the searcher to become interested in the company’s products and services. Thus the transformation of seeker to buyer has begun. In this developing event, search engines play a very critical role.SEARCH ENGINES ARE THE DECIDING FACTOR IN INTERNET MARKETINGSearch engines play an important role in determining how the query should be answered. The search results will display a list of potential suppliers to the searcher to use in selecting an answer to their initial question. This makes the list of potential suppliers and their relative ranking on the list of very great importance to the potential suppliers.Most searchers have a limited amount of time to peruse the list. They will scan only those at or near the top of the list of search results ┬ábefore making their selection. Suppliers further down the list are often ignored and thus lose out. For this reason a supplier should want to be at the top of the search results list to improve their chances of being selected. So how is this list compiled and by whom?By using a pre-determined set of criteria, the owners’ of the search engine have established the rankings of potential suppliers. Suppliers submit information to search engines by way of websites, articles, blogs, press releases, and a host of other ways. The search engine uses this information to rank the relative merit of all submissions and and the submitters. Thus the search results list is established. The owner of the largest search engine service is Google. Because of it’s size, Google becomes the major referee in the game of Internet Marketing.In fact, Google also dominates when it comes to Internet searches. They capture approximately two thirds of all Internet searches making it the most used platform in Internet Marketing. Incorporated in 1998, Google’s mission is “to organize the world’s information and to make it universally accessible and useful.” Other significant search engines to consider when planning and initiating a marketing campaign are Yahoo and MSN.INTERNET MARKETING IS DOMINATING THE MARKETING SCENEWhy is Internet Marketing growing in importance? It is because the current generation of younger adults has grown up using a computer. They have grown up on the Internet. They spend a great deal of time on their computers. They are very comfortable with the technology. When seeking information they would rather use their computers than a phone book or a newspaper. Most often they can be found on the internet. So if you want to catch a fish, you should go where the fish are! Right?There are other reasons why Internet Marketing is the “Now” method being used more and more often. It meshes both the technical and creative aspects of both advertising and sales. It does this in a cost effective manner. It allows for the necessary testing of marketing campaigns at a very attractive price. The measurements it supplies allow corrections to be made quickly as needed.With Internet Marketing, the message is extremely flexible. Not only can the message be altered quickly, the methods of delivery can take many routes. Some of these are e-mail marketing, article marketing, blogging, video marketing, press releases, banner advertising and forum postings to name some.To these, add the many faces of social media like Facebook, YouTube, Digg, StumbleUpon,, LinkedIn, Semoz and Twitter and others, and the message can come in many forms and from many fronts.Furthermore, Internet Marketing can reach world-wide audiences almost instantly for a relatively low cost. The markets can be targeted to specific interests, age groups, genders, geographic locations, etc., to efficiently appeal to the desired audience.In addition to striving to create new leads and new business, Internet Marketers should also initiate and maintain campaigns to solidify and sustain gains made in ranking. These actions create activity to arouse and maintain the searcher’s initial and on-going interest in the client’s website and products. This creates a double win because search engines like sites with a lot of activity.By properly implementing the right Internet Strategies and utilizing Internet Marketing’s many strengths, your business will have many new leads with which to stimulate growth!

An Internet Marketing Coach – Do You Really Need One?

If you are considering starting an Internet business I am sure you are aware that you have two clear choices as to how you acquire the skills required to be a successful online Marketer. You can either ‘go it alone’ or get the help of an Internet Marketing Coach or Mentor.One thing is certain – to build a successful Internet business you will need to learn the right skills and acquire the right tools in order to earn a legitimate, full time income on the Internet.Internet Marketing is a profession and, as with any other profession, you will need to invest in the right type of training in order to be successful – it is a little like serving an apprenticeship or qualifying for a particular profession e.g. Doctor, Dentist, Lawyer, Plumber or Electrician.So, do you need an Internet Marketing Coach?The answer is no. It is perfectly possible to earn extra money, or even a full time income, working from home on the Internet. There is no shortage of Internet Marketing training courses or tutorials which will show you the basics of how to set up your own Internet business.It may also be true, however, that one course is not enough in itself as there are so many different disciplines and skills you will need to learn; how to build your first website, how to get visitors to your website, how to create a product, or source one, and so on.Even then for many people training alone is often not enough. Why is this?Have you ever studied a training manual or taken a course and still not understood all of the content?Have you ever got frustrated when you encountered something that you just did not understand?What did you do in those circumstances? Most people do one of two things – they find someone who knows the answer or they come to a grinding halt, maybe they even convince themselves that they do not have what it takes and give up!Be aware also that, for many people, starting a small business on your own can be an isolating and even scary experience. It will require spending time away from your family and friends and sometimes this sense of isolation can lead to other difficulties.How can an Internet Marketing Coach help?A good Internet Marketing Coach will be able to guide you through the learning curve in the most effective manner, they can help you to avoid making mistakes, (speeding up your progress), teach you the most current and effective Internet marketing strategies, help to keep you motivated when you encounter challenges or things you just do not understand and suggest appropriate resources to help you build a successful Internet business.But most of all a good Internet Marketing coach can represent someone that you are accountable to. It is proven that anyone is far more likely to succeed when they make themselves accountable to a third party as it is far easier to justify failure to ourselves than to someone else!

Internet Marketing Forums: Internet Marketing Globalization

Essentially, Internet Marketing is Globalization using high-speed Internet networks and Interactive Marketing Forums. Although highly controversial, Globalization is adaptive wisdom. Advanced communications technology has set the standard of doing business, now measured in monetary terms of dollars and cents, redistributing wealth around the world, virtually interrelated.The European Government’s 1990 Union Agreement ended all tariffs and quotas for consumer goods, ensuring the free flow of products and services, worldwide. Incidentally, The North American Trade Agreement (NAFTA) plans to join Canada, Mexico, and the United States into a single market economy with one currency, similar to Europe’s commonly used “Euro” dollar.Internet RevolutionFrom telegraph communication to telephones and computers, digital Internet technology, with the ability to quickly transmit data and information from one place to another, introduced networks that began connecting people around the world. Technological advances led the way for market economies, organized based on marketing principles and practices.Internet Marketing Forums are business associated communities, online, sharing and exchanging information in multiple dimensions that allow broader marketing approaches, when taking full advantage of virtual marketing systems. An Internet revolution – instant communication – drastically impacted commerce with online, buying, selling, and trading.MarketingMarketing involves advertising commodities and or services, determined by supply and demand – a process of buying, selling, and transferring goods to and fro, in worldwide markets. In addition to advertising campaigns, businesses were collectively driven to consider Internet Marketing Forums to increase business prospects and revenue.Interactive community marketing forums are businesses networks that yield larger numbers of potential customers via sophisticated websites providing efficient methods of advertising and promotion – a place to assemble people together, share commonalities, and exchange important information and marketing tools.Internet Marketing ForumsInternet forums are online communities that allow users to post topics and participate on discussion boards useful to business owners willing to learn more, keep pace with new business trends, with access to historical archives, statistics, and marketing precedents. The two greatest benefits of marketing forums are infinite businesses leads, and recognition.With the ability to reach people all around the world, businesses are now able to network potential customers, and focus on specific products, goods, and services available. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a virtual highway to infinite numbers of websites and marketing forums, business gurus, coaching, advertising, and additional customers.Business to BusinessDramatically expanding business revenue around the world, the impact of Globalization is lower prices and increased sales. With the ability to efficiently move products and goods, manufactured, bought and sold around the world, from one country to another, businesses thrive on international business, services, enterprising possibilities, and boundless prospects.Marketing forums and community groups are lethal combinations that generate powerful national markets in virtual worlds of potential business prospects and increased revenues. Businesses are now privy to Internet marketing freedoms and business recognition with an ever increasing, expansive selection of products that are just a few keystrokes away.Marketing StrategiesThe benefits of using business-generating Internet Marketing Forums are endless. Listed below are just a few business strategies used in interactive online communities that share and exchange information:Advertising
Business Investors and Investments
Business Related News Articles
Consumer Studies and Reports
Creative Marketing Strategies
Discussion Forums and Posts
E-Mail Newsletters
Fast Results
Increased Customer Base
Increased Market Shares
Increased Sales and Profits
Internet Directory Listings
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Referral Marketing
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Sharing Common Business Goals
Social Networking
Targeted Advertising
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Understanding Customer Needs
Website Search Engine OptimizationNote that certain terms and conditions apply, depending on the type of forum, number of members, and user agreement guidelines. Internet Marketing Forums are helpful to corporations, large and small businesses, entrepreneurs, and home business ventures. Quality forums are impressive, have a hugely positive effect on businesses, and interactively exchanging unique qualities and products.